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Abortion access: All sides of the issue

Abortion access: All sides of the issue
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About abortion access:
This section discusses a wide range of topics associated with abortion. Essays linked to this menu differentiate between:

Abortion decision: A woman deciding, after having consulted with her physician and perhaps her spiritual counselor, determines that an abortion is the least-worst option available, and

Abortion access: whether the government should limit access to abortion and, in some cases, veto the woman's decision.

This is one of the few places on the Internet where all viewpoints are discussed. We explain the full spectrum of pro-life beliefs and the full diversity of pro-choice beliefs. Because of this, you will probably find some parts of our essays infuriating even as you will affirm the accuracy of other parts.

There is one point over which we dig in our heels and strongly promote a belief. We feel that all women considering an abortion should be fully informed and as free as possible from outside pressure from friends and family members.

Topics covered in this section:
Fundamental items: <<< We recommend that you read this first. The morality of abortion.
Access to abortion.
Definitions used.

A brief overview <<< We recommend that you read this next.

Are our essays credible?

Quotations and books about abortion access

About pregnancy and abortion; public opinion: Definitions
A KEY QUESTION: When does human personhood start?
Basic facts.
Stages in the process from before conception to childbirth
Definition of terms related to abortion and pregnancy
Views on the morality of abortion: pro-life, pro-choice, & 2 other POVs
Why do women have abortions?
Abortion data.
Why are some abortions performed late in pregnancy?
Abortion methods: D&X (a.k.a. PBA); RU-486; surgical abortions....)
Public opinion polls.
Ectogenesis: the development of artificial wombs.

Reducing the abortion rate <<< A future trend? Via minimizing unwanted pregnancies -- a new trend
Via social programs and technology
Emergency contraception (a.k.a. morning-after pill)

Religious/ethical aspects When is an abortion OK?
Pro-life, pro-choice and other positions.
What the Bible says.
Beliefs of religious groups.
Clinic violence.
Embryos in fertility clinics.
Use of fetal tissue to treat very serious burns.

Laws, constitution amendments, party platforms and court rulings: North American: Roe v. Wade
Democratic Party platform 2004 & 2008
Will Roe v. Wade be overturned and abortion re-criminalized?
State laws criminalizing or restricting abortion (South Dakota, Mississippi, Ohio, etc)
Human Life Amendment (Colorado)
Parental consent & notification laws,
"Choose life" license plates....
State bills banning all abortions

Abortion outside of North America: The "Mexico City" policy
Abortion in Mexico City
Abortion access in Portugal

Do abortions lead to medical problems later in life? Cancer,
Post abortion syndrome....

Misc. Items Genetic items.
Personal E-mails & essays.
Information sources
Getting help...

Current news feeds: Secular news feed.
Pro-life news feed.
Pro-choice news feed

This, and similar medical information on our web site, is intended as a general educational aid to the public. If the topics covered are of direct concern to you, we recommend that you consult a qualified healthcare professional who can review your unique situation before you reach a decision.

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Do you have a personal story related to abortion that you would like to share with other readers to this web site? Please consider writing it down and E-mailing it to us. We will consider publishing it in this section. We will keep your name absolutely confidential.

Three footnotes:
The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

We use the popular meaning of "life" here to include ova and spermatozoa. Some scientists use a very strict definition of the word "life" which does not include ova and spermatozoa because they cannot, by themselves, reproduce.
An interesting and unbiased article titled "The Abortion Debate" is available on QuickOverview at:
"Pregnancy: Definitions and associated formulas," Division of Biostatistics and Health GIS, Government of South Carolina, at:

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